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Cosmetic fillings

Cosmetic, tooth-coloured fillings are now readily available to keep your smile looking natural thanks to materials that mimic the tooth’s natural colour and translucency, making them practically undetectable.

By choosing these fillings, you can smile, talk, laugh, and eat in complete confidence knowing that your teeth look perfectly natural.

Besides the aesthetics they offer a lot more advantages to you.

Conservation of tooth structure

The older type of fillings did not bond directly to the tooth structure.

So in order to retain them into the tooth there was a need to make undercuts hence removing  healthy tooth structure as well.

This bonding can protect and increase the overall strength of the tooth being restored,

 More tooth like properties

The newer tooth coloured fillings become a part of your tooth.

These materials have physical properties which are similar to the teeth. They are less stiff, more flexible.


So when you chew food, forces are transferred to the underlying tooth in a more physiological way ie. less deteriorating to the tooth structure hence making them stronger