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Fluoride Treatment

When used appropriately, fluoride is both safe and effective in preventing and controlling dental caries Fluoride's ability to inhibit or even reverse the initiation and progression of dental caries is well documented

Fluoride works to control early dental caries in several ways. Fluoride concentrated in plaque and saliva inhibits the demineralization of sound enamel and enhances the remineralization (i.e., recovery) of demineralized enamel.

Applying products containing a high concentration of fluoride to the teeth leaves a temporary layer of calcium fluoride-like material on the enamel surface. The fluoride in this material is released when the pH drops in the mouth in response to acid production and is available to remineralize enamel.

Fluoride Gel and Foam

The application time for the treatments was 4 minutes. the optimal schedule for repeated application of fluoride gel. Proper application technique reduces the possibility that a patient will swallow the gel during application.

Fluoride Varnish

High-concentration fluoride varnish is painted directly onto the teeth. Fluoride varnish is not intended to adhere permanently; this method holds a high concentration of fluoride in a small amount of material in close contact with the teeth for many hours. Fluoride varnish has practical advantages (e.g., ease of application, a non offensive taste, and use of smaller amounts of fluoride than required for gel applications). Applied semiannually, this modality is as effective as professionally applied fluoride gel 

European studies have reported that fluoride varnish prevents decalcification (i.e., an early stage of dental caries) beneath orthodontic bands (251) and slows the progression of existing enamel lesions